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Grace  Series

 Grace in the Flames is an emotionally evocative and profoundly moving tale of mistakes redeemed and lives intertwined in a divine tapestry of grace and hope. Highly recommended .


~Cheryl Wyatt, USA TODAY bestselling author of award-winning Wings of Refuge series.

…Michelle Massaro knows how to write heart-stopping fiction.

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~Cathy Bryant, author of The Miller's Creek Novels

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Grace in the Flames (Grace Series Book One)

Unbound by Grace is the kind of book that urges you to examine your preconceived notions about people, what they have, and who they really are.

~Toni Shiloh, author of Returning Home

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Unbound by Grace kept me up until the wee hours... Massaro’s characters stepped off the pages and into my heart... You won’t be disappointed!”

~ Deborah Raney, RITA® Award-winning author of Beneath a Southern Sky and the Chandler Sisters Novels series


Unbound by Grace (Grace Series Book Two)

“Grace that’s Greater Still is not just a story, but an inspiring and moving piece of literature that dives into the parts of life that aren’t always pretty. "

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~T.K. Chapin, author of A Reason to Live

“Michelle's books combine excellent writing and a strong story. Even better, their spiritual content isn't just added for effect but underlies the whole story..."

~ Christine Dillon, author of Grace in Strange Disguise 

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Grace that's Greater Still (Grace Series Book Three)

Stand Alones

I cannot think of a writer that I respect more than Michelle Massaro...I’m hoping to read more of her gripping fiction in the future.

~Elaine Marie Cooper, award winning author of The Deer Run Saga


Better than Fiction is great fun. Storylines past and present bob and weave, combining to deliver a story readers will love.

~ Karen Ball, best-selling author of The Breaking Point and What Lies Within

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Better than Fiction (with co-author April Gardner)

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