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MICHELLE MASSARO writes contemporary fiction soaked in grace. A Southern California native, she and her husband now proudly make their home in East Tennessee. While raising their four children, she’s dabbled in homeschooling, teaching Creation Science, and leading worship. When she isn’t tinkering with words, Michelle enjoys old Rogers and Hammerstein movies, snuggling her Pomeranian, and scouring Zillow for investment properties. A new lipstick and a good French roast always make her happy. And if you need a hug, she's your gal!


Why I write what I do

I'm one of those people who tend to feel things very deeply. These days especially, daily life is stressful, hectic, and often soul-depleting. Spending time sitting at the feet of Jesus is more vital than ever. Hearing His word, drinking from the fountain of life. For me, when disappearing into a story world, I love those that usher me into His presence, and leave me feeling flooded in His love.

This longing for soul-drenching fiction is the inspiration behind each of my stories. My prayer is that everyone who reads one of my books will come away with a sense of having glimpsed something of the Savior...something that touches and reshapes the heart.

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